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Sunday, March 11, 2012

We Have Ourselves to Blame for Our Corrupt Government

As the title implies, we only have ourselves to blame for our current ultra-corrupt majority government. They have stolen our government and our democracy right out from under our very noses. The Robo-call scandal is only the latest in a long line of scams, misdeeds, frauds and outright illegal and anti-democratic behaviour. Consider the following:

Stevie, the Evangelical Reformist
-The Reform Party of Canada was formed by the Evangelical Preston Manning in 1987 (yes THE Preston Manning of the Manning Centre who just recently had the reporter who broke the Robo-call story turfed out of his soiree). Another Evangelical, "Steve" Harper joined this bizarre collection of extremists in 1988 and became it's Chief Policy Officer. But these Western-Centric radicals  could gain no credibility east of Manitoba and the Reform Party was rife with unprofessional, partisan and unethical behaviour. They were too far out into right field, even for Blue Tories and were dismissed out of hand by the majority of the country.

- The Reform Party re-branded it self as the Alliance party and was led temporarily by a Jet-Skiing Evangelical, Stockwell Day,  who believes the earth is only 5,000 years old and that men walked with dinosaurs. But they were still a half-assed bunch of extremists that no one took seriously.
"Et Tu Peter"?

- In 2003, Peter MacKay became the last leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada based on the promise he would NEVER negotiate an amalgamation deal with The Reform/ Alliance bunch. A promise he promptly broke once elected leader. Whether he conspired with "Steve" Harper before hand we might never know. But we do know that MacKay went  from being the leader of a toothless non-party at the time, to a position of power and influence in the Harper Government, complete with models hanging off his arm and a brief "tryst" with the lovely  automobile heiress, Belinda Stronach.  And we watched this all happen.

-The treachery that allowed the merger of the Reform/Alliance party and the near-dead Progressive Conservative Party gave Harper and his Reform cronies control of the "Conservative" moniker which  they quickly adopted, dropping the "Progressive" label in the process, which suited their Ultra-right wing Neo-Conservative purposes. This gave the Reform Party the instant credibility they had long sought even though they were nothing more than carnivorous,  ideological wolves in Conservative apparel. And we watched and the main-stream media blithely and erroneously referred to this new party as "Tories" thus giving them even more undeserved credence.

- We watched as this new party, riding on the momentum of the Liberal's own in-house scandal (aided greatly by the RCMP who chose to make public, damning accusations about the Liberals  at the height of the 2006 campaign) managed to grasp a minority government for the first time.

- We watched as the "Reform/Conservatives" Prorogued Parliament not once, but twice. First to avoid the will of the people (which would have seen a majority coalition  govern us, at least temporarily) and again to avoid having to account for the Afghan detainee scandal (which they have never accounted for, despite the prospect of MacKay and Harper being seen as potential war criminals)

15 year old Omar Khadr, wounded by American soldiers
- We watched as Harper spent over three million dollars of tax payers money on legal fees to deny Omar Khadr his constitutional and international rights as a child soldier and keep him penned up in Guantanamo Bay .The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Harper Government was denying the boy his Charter Rights but stopped short of ordering them to repatriate him. Khadr was 15 when he was shot by American soldiers. He is now 23 years old and continues to be held on what can best be described as circumstantial evidence while the Harper Government continues to thumb it's nose at the Supreme Court.

- We watched as the Reform/Conservative back room boys, using American-style smear tactics, systematically destroyed the political career of one of the few remaining good men in Ottawa, Stephan Dion.

-We watched as Stephen Harper and his then director of communications, Kory Teneycke  secretly met with the heads of the ultra right-wing Fox News in the states. We subsequently .watched as the Prime Ministers Office pressured the CRTC to grant a bid led by Teneycke to licence  Sun TV News. We watched as Teneycke resigned over tampering with an Avvaz petition to stop the licensing of Sun TV news (alias Fox News North). We watched as Teneycke was quietly rehired. We watched Sun TV news become a reality.

- We watched as Kory Teneycke told delegates at a Manning Centre Conference (remember Preston the Evangelical?) that he would love to have the names of Left-leaning College professors and teachers so he could "make them famous" (meaning he would love to start a smear campaign against them and otherwise, silence them)

- We watched as the Reform/Conservatives, who campaigned with promises of more transparency in Government became the most closed and secretive Government in our history.

- We watched as Stephen Harper promised Senate Reform, then proceeded to stack the Senate with partisan cronies, mostly defeated Conservative candidates, so that no matter which bills were passed by Parliament, they would either be passed or defeated at the whim of the hyper-partisan Reform/Conservative Senate . Harper has appointed more partisan Senators than any other Prime Minister in our history.

- We watched as Dmitri Soudas, another Harper Director of Communication, put pressure on the Montreal Port Authority to hire as it's new Board President, a man sympathetic to the Reform/Conservative cause.

- We watched as the Government of Harper  systematically fired, silenced and otherwise ruined the careers of any pubic service whistle blower who spoke out against  the Reform/Conservative agenda.

- We watched as The Government of Harper sought to invest BILLIONS of dollars in a new fighter Aircraft, who's need is questionable, with out first tendering a contract or asking for proposals, all at the behest of our neighbors to the south.

- We watched as Stephen Harper ruled his party with an iron "my way or the highway" fist. We watched him silence his own party members. We watched as he forbade candidates from participating in  open campaign debates, we watched as he kicked people out of his campaign rallies on the basis of the content of their Facebook  accounts (who did these internet searches was never revealed) and we then watched as he stacked these rallies with rabid partisans who shouted down legitimate questions from the media. We watched as Harper limited questioning of any kind from the media at his campaign rallies.

- We are still watching Harper's attempts at dismantlement the CBC as he views them as being "Anti-Government". And we are still watching to see what he intends to do with the "war-chest" he is amassing in order to combat the main stream media, ALL of whom he feels, are too left leaning.

-  We watched as the Harper Government (as the Government of Canada is now officially called) was found guilty of Contempt of Parliament. No other government in the history of parliamentary democracy has ever been guilty of such an infraction. Neither Harper nor any of his Reform/Conservative cronies have ever been held accountable for this.

-We watched, silently dumbfounded, when it was revealed that the Reform/Conservatives had produced a 200 page manual on how to stone-wall Parliamentary committees in which the opposition held a majority of members, thus suppressing and otherwise, impeding the democratic process once again.

- We watched as the Government of Harper was found guilty of election fraud around the "in and out" scandal that occurred in the 2006 election. We watched as the party was given a slap on the wrist, a $52,000 fine. And we watched as the Harper-led Reform/Conservatives spun this guilty finding into a "victory"!

- We continue to watch as the Government of Harper refuses to answer or admit to any of it's indiscretions. Instead, it denies, deflects, minimizes or instead, sets out to attack and defame it's opponents rather than proving them wrong or taking responsibility for it's actions. The standard operating procedure is for them to tell the same lie so often that the electorate will come to accept it as truth eg:" Coalition governments are un-democratic".

And the above list of Reform/Conservative indiscretions is far from complete. We have watched for six long years as the Government of Harper has systematically engaged in unethical, undemocratic behaviour and blown us way off course using rhetoric and fear tactics. They have lied, cheated and  stolen from the Canadian people. They have ruined careers and lives and eroded the rights of Canadian citizens. And we have given this all, passing notice and shaken our heads at the deteriorating state of our democracy and done nothing but given them cart-blanch to rule as they see fit.  We have accepted it as the "new normal" and moved on with our lives- until now that the Robo-call scandal has come to light. We are finally waking up. We are finally beginning to take action. We are finally realizing that our very democracy is in grave peril. And we have no one but ourselves to blame as we watched passively, this dreadful progression and rise to absolute power of an idealistic, power-hungry mad-man. We should have seen this coming. Any political party that is born of treachery and deceit is destined to govern in the same manner.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Election Fraud Renders Election 41 "Null and Void"

Election 41 in May of 2011 was called because the minority "Government of Harper" was found to be in Contempt of Parliament due to lying  and being misleading to the  House of Commons (which is in effect, lying and being misleading to all Canadian People as these are OUR representatives). The  Opposition parties, in a rare show of solidarity, then decided they had lost confidence in the Harper Collective. Big surprise. The problem is, The dissolution of Parliament ended the whole affair right then and there. There was no follow up. No one was held accountable, no one went to jail or even had to resign. The question was asked and went unanswered, as to whether or not Stephen Harper was even eligible to run in a federal election having been found guilty of a federal offence. To make matters worse, the culprit at the heart of the whole affair, Bev Oda, is STILL a sitting member of the House of Commons which is an affront to Canadian people everywhere.
Would YOU trust this woman?

It has been discovered that The Government of Harper has prepared a 200 page manual on how to obstruct the business of Parliament and Parliamentary committees in the event that things might be going against the Reform-a-Con agenda.

Subsequent to the last election, the Government of Harper has plead guilty to Election fraud around the miss-allocation of funds in the 2006 election (the In and Out Scandal). Again, no one has gone to jail and nothing more than a $50,000 fine has been levied against the Conservative Party. An insultingly paltry sum.

 For a more in-depth catalog of Conservative fraudulent, obstructionist  and unethical tactics, see this article by Lawrence Martin here.

It is well known that the Harper and his band of merry pranksters (known as the Conservative Party of Canada) targeted a hand full of riding's for "heavy campaigning"  in the last election. Perhaps as few as 14, mostly in vote-rich Ontario. These were the riding's that the Cons viewed as potentially "winnable" and the possession of which would  push the Conservatives, who have never enjoyed better than  between 30% and 40% of the popular vote throughout it's entire time in power, into majority territory for the first time ever. One has to wonder how many of the supposedly 45 riding's (now up to 200) effected by the Robocall affair correspond to the riding's specifically targeted by the Conservatives for "saturation campaigning" in Election 41.

So given the track record of this fraudulent bunch of thugs who insist on referring to themselves as a "political party" (they give all legitimate political parties everywhere a bad name) and their lengthy history of obstruction of democracy and outright deceitful and illegal behaviour, the May 2011 election should be considered Null and Void by the Governor General if even ONE riding is found to have been in anyway effected by the Robocall affair. Election fraud is serious business, perhaps the most undemocratic in a very long history of undemocratic behaviour by this so called Conservative Party (they are really the old Reform Party of Canada in disguise). I seriously doubt that even our surly Republican neighbors to the South would stoop to such behaviour. This is the kind of behaviour one would expect from some sunny Banana Republic  or perhaps, an emerging Eastern Nation. It is the behaviour of a petty dictatorship trying to pass itself off as a legitimate democracy. It is totally and completely unacceptable for a Western Democratic nation to be engaged in any kind of fraudulent electoral activity. It is totally and completely unacceptable for Canada. It is time for the slaps on the wrist to end. It is time for the sacrifice of petty party staffers to end. It is time for full accountability from this organization that poses as a political party. It's time someone went to jail. And it's time Election 41 be declared no contest due to the length and depth of the Conservative's willingness to engage in illegal and obstructive behaviour. It's time for Stephen Harper to finally be held to account for his cadre of thieves and confidence men.