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Thursday, October 21, 2010

CBC News - Canada - Khadr plea talks involve Clinton: report

CBC News - Canada - Khadr plea talks involve Clinton: report

So if the Americans have no trouble with admitting that a deal is in the works, and can assign a high powered official such as Ms. Clinton to the negotiations, why is it Canada must continue to deny that any talks are taking place at all? But I guess we're talking about the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Cannon here, the same one who immediately blamed the leader of the opposition when Canada failed to get a seat on the UN Security Council. So in light of the fact that very credible American sources are claiming that a deal is in the works for Khadr's return to Canada and Cannons penchant for spouting party dogma, one has to wonder if it is possible to believe a word any one from this government says.

Another example of this is Current Minister of Natural Resources Christian Paradis. Information came to light that when he was Minister of Public Works, he had discussed a contract for work on the Parliament Buildings at a party fundraiser, thrown by the contractor who was eventually awarded the job. Paradis denied this accusation repeatedly but when the proof became irrefutable, he admitted the conversation had in fact taken place.

So just who can you trust in this government of Reform Conservatives. It appears that when challenged at all on anything that may reflect poorly on them or run contrary to party policy, the government strategy is to blame, deflect or outright lie. Now we aren't just talking about unkept campaign promises here, we are talking about credibility, trust integrity and honor, values that all seem to be lacking in this motley crew of ideologues that call themselves the Canadian Government. Yet Mr. Harper dares speak of Canadian values and principles as the reason Canada failed to gain a Security Council seat. Perhaps he is confusing Canadian Values for his own, which seem to be sadly lacking.

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