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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Harper's new Senate appointment says being gay is a choice - Latest News Roundup

Yes folks, and this is just another example of the "good Christian right winged" folk the Evangelical Harper is appointing to the Senate. These are the people he will use to determine the country's direction, which includes you and me by the way. To hell with the Lower House, It's too much work. He just stacks the Upper house with his like-minded Cro-magnon Cronies and passes or kills any bill he wants to now.

And leave us not forget good Canadians, Senate reform was a central plank in Harper's previous election campaigns. He promised that he would never appoint a Senator to the House of Sober Second Thought. And he hasn't, he's appointed no less than 34 of his minions to that esteemed collection of statesmen. Few of whom deserve the accolade, being nothing more than Harper lackeys.

So he has reformed the Senate to be sure. He has made a twisted mockery of what was once considered an honourable institution. In so doing, watch for him to spin-doctor his heinous manoeuvrings into justification for future Senate reform, demonstrating how the current system doesn't work. And Canadians will believe his tales of myth and misfortune.

And our democracy slowly erodes into a theocracy. Our country governed by backward ideological rhetoric rather than traditional Canadian Social values. A country governed by fear and exclusion rather than hope and tolerance.

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