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Monday, January 24, 2011

And Harper Celebrates Five Years of Survival

Well the folks at the "New-Conservative Party" just had a big ol "whoop-it-up" to celebrate being in power for the past five years.

There they were, all patting each other on the back for having survived as long as they have. I doubt many of those in attendance anticipated their tenure would have lasted this long. But there they cling, with bleeding, trembling fingers to the precarious rock face that is their perpetual minority government.

And there in lays the rub. They have spent five years surviving. That is their sole legacy after having held the reigns of power since 2006. That and the fact that Stephen Harper has now governed his minority longer than Lester B. Pearson did his.

So lets compare shall we? In five years, Pearson implemented Universal Health Care and gave us our own flag instead of the old British Patronising "Red Ensign". Oh yes, and he also brought Student Loans, The Canada Pension Plan and the Order of Canada into existence. All of which was accomplished with out having prorogued Parliament or stacked the Senate with rabid partisan has-beens and wanna-bes. No, Pearson's strategy involved collaboration and consensus building.

In Contrast, Stephen Harper has survived. Period. That in itself, is his legacy. Rather than building consensus or collaborating (which could, heaven forbid, be confused with building a coalition) he has alienated, insulted, divided, bashed, lied, cheated, discounted and suspended democracy itself all in an effort to maintain his tenuous hold on power.

Canada was a better, richer place after five years of Pearson. A country to be proud of with a strong national identity. Can we honesty say the same after five years of Stephen Harper?

Congratulations Mr. Harper, you're still Prime Minister in spite of yourself. 

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