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Friday, July 15, 2011

Harper Declares War on the U.N.

It appears that the Government of Harper is going out of it's way to disrupt, discredit and to bring the normal functioning of the U.N. to it's knees. In the last week alone, Canada has thrown a monkey wrench into UN arms trade talks by insisting on unrestricted trade of "hunting and sporting rifles". It has withdrawn in protest from a committee that deals with Nuclear Arms restrictions because North Korea is currently the rotating committee chair and before that, the Canadian delegation at the UN refused to recognize Palestine's right to exist as a state despite more than 100 other UN delegates backing the move.

Previous to this week, Ottawa scuttled the UN Rotterdam convention to have asbestos listed as a hazardous substance. It has refused to change language in any Government Documents that uses the phrase "Visible Minority". The UN claims this infers that Canadian Society is normally "White Anglo Saxon Protestant" and the phrase Visible Minority refers to a person's "non-whiteness".

Upon winning his long coveted majority Government in May, Harper proudly proclaimed that HIS Government will make several unpopular  decisions regarding foreign policy and will "not bow to every petty dictator who has a vote in the UN"

The Government of Harper has gone to great lengths to defy the UN accord on Child Soldiers by refusing to repatriate Omar Khadr (not to mention denying Khadr his rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms)

Of course, since he was first elected Prime Minister in 2006, Harper has done everything in his power to scuttle attempts by the UN led international community to establish meaningful limits on greenhouse gas emissions. And he has succeeded in spades, much to the delight of big oil and to the detriment of our mother earth.

 So Harper has decided to declare war on the UN. This may be a result of  being snubbed last fall when Canada lobbied for a seat at the UN security counsel. Harper's  vindictive war may  possibly be the result of a significant mental health disorder (either Paranoid Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder) that seriously effects his judgment. Then again, Harper may see himself as a champion for global Free Market Capitalism and see's the UN as being too Socialist and  a threat to the large corporate institutions that would benefit  from unbridled world wide Capitalism.  It may well be Harper's Narcissistic tendencies that allow him to believe he is championing the cause of Global Capitalism but in reality, all he has done is earn Canada the label of "Rogue State".

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