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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mr. Harper, You're Fired!

Mr Harper.

As a citizen of Canada who's taxes in part, go toward paying your wages, I feel this financial arrangement places me and every other citizen of Canada in the position of being your employers.  As such Mr. Harper, I feel I must now express to you my great dissatisfaction with your job performance. You have broken the law on multiple occasions, the most serious of which was being guilty of the Federal Offense of contempt of Parliament.  In carrying out this offense, you lied to Parliament, the highest and supposedly, most respected institution in the land. Your actions were seen as obstructive to the committees and to the House itself in it's efforts to make informed decisions regarding the business of the nation. It was clear by your actions, that you had no intentions what so ever of allowing Parliament or it's various committees  to have full disclosure of what your planned actions were or what you intended to spend. In short, your minority Government of the time was clearly dishonest.

So Mr. Harper,the Parliament of Canada found you to be guilty of the offence of Contempt of Parliament. No other government in the history of Parliamentary democracy anywhere has ever been found guilty of this offence.  As such, being guilty of a federal offence excluded you from eligibility to run for public office.  You are therefore currently occupying the Prime Minister's office illegally and are disqualified from being able to form any kind of legal government despite the results of the May election in which you miraculously parlayed 30% of the popular vote into a majority government through the skillful use of lies, coercion, fear mongering and the application of marketing techniques usually reserved for the selling of used cars.

It is no wonder then Mr. Harper that the European Union has labeled Canada a "Rogue Nation". You yourself are nothing more than an opportunist and a  rogue  who is leading a pack of like-minded scoundrels. You are in your position illegally and you clearly do not speak for myself nor the majority of Canadians. Yet you continue to draw wages from our collective taxes as if you were entitled to run  our country, which you clearly are not.

So allow me Mr. Harper, to articulate this as clearly and as unambiguously as possible. As one of your many employers, I am now exercising my rights to unequivocally FIRE your sorry ass! Yes Mr. Harper,  you have 24 hours to clean out your desk and get the fuck out of Ottawa. You are fired, canned, terminated, downsized, ousted. You no longer work for me or the majority of Canadians. And don't be looking for a "golden handshake" here.  You would do well to consider yourself incredibly lucky not to serve any time in one of your new super jails for your indiscretions. Also, I intend to see that what ever pension you feel you may have earned, will instead be donated to Green Peace, the David Suzuki Foundation, the "Insite" safe injection site, Planned Parenthood, the Toronto Pride Parade, Kairos, The Summer Works Theatre Festival, The Canada Postal Workers Pension Fund, The Nortel Pension Fund and basically, anyone else you've tried to screw over while you were in office illegally.

So turn in your keys and clear out Harper. You're finished. Don't make me call security on you.

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