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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Harper, and MacKay, WAR CRIMINALS!

Remember in 2007, when opposition parties challenged the Harper Government about "rumors" of torture when Afghan detainees were handed over to Afghan authorities by Canadian forces? Harper himself, lashed out in question period  at the opposition for being more concerned about Taliban prisoners then Canadian lives. He branded the opposition as "Un-Canadian".-... And from some where, an applause light went on and Harper received a standing "O" from his surrounding caucus. The only thing missing from this "all Canadian" moment was the playing of the national anthem and scores of lily-white school aged children waving little Canadian flags and singing "alleluia".

Late in December of 2009, Harper prorogued Parliament for the second year in a row. Only instead of avoiding a vote of non-confidence, it was to avoid accountability over the detainee issue. 

Canadians have yet to be informed of the contents of the un-redacted copies of official documents pertaining to the detainee concerns. If members of the Opposition have viewed these documents and chosen to keep quiet, then they are also complicit in the torture of Afghan detainees. But the opposition has sat on it's hands around this issue. Either that, or  have chosen to let the Harper Government entirely off the hook. So now the chickens have come home to roost and Harper is being investigated for war crimes.

So not only are Harper and MacKay, as the heads of state who had full knowledge of torture of Afghan detainees, guilty of war crimes, but any parliamentarian of any party who had knowledge of abuse and chose to keep the acts secret, is also guilty of complicity and should be dismissed from government as a bare minimum.

But Harper and MacKay are not only guilty of keeping the truth secret, they are guilty of blocking any and all investigation into the affair. So they are guilty not just by way of omission, (failing to reveal the truth), but of "commission" as well (actively blocking the truth from coming to light).  Those pricks knew that people were being brutally tortured, and they encouraged it by allowing it to continue. They are more concerned with obtaining a majority government and covering their respective butts than of the well being of some "dirty Muslims" in some far off land. My what good Christians they both are. They could both learn a thing or two about "humanity" from the Egyptians.

I wonder if being guilty of war crimes is a "hanging" offense? Harper is in favor of Capitol punishment and will likely advocate for it's return at some point in the future, likely after the next election. I wonder if Harper would change his opinion of the death penalty if he felt a rope tighten around his neck.

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