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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Harper-Cons "Whopper" of a Fish Story disguised as a Crime Study

The "study", compiled by former Harper aid and member of Mike Harris"s government, Scott Newark concluding "crime "is on the rise in Canada, is an erroneous bit of electioneering that satisfies the Harper "get tough on crime" agenda and is a weak attempt at justifying the multi billion dollar idealogical move by the government. 

Academics and experts in the field were not consulted and are scathing in their criticisms of the study and the Neo-Con's partisan spin on the facts. 

Scott Newark, if you'll recall was recently on network television touting this report. He is also the same Scott Newark who used to be the president of the Canadian Police Association and attacked our Charter of Rights and Freedoms by claiming it protected only "murderers, pedophiles and judges". And in the same breath, he also maligns the judiciary by putting them in league with murderers and pedophiles. 

 So once again, there appears to be no depth that the Harper-Cons won't sink to in order to justify their socially backward agenda. It's not like they haven't lied to Canadians or to parliament before, but this one is a real "whopper" of a fish story disguised as evidence based fact. When in truth, the only "evidence" in this study is of the unethical boldness of the Harper-Con misinformation network. 

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