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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Iggy and Jack Need to Work Together for the Sake of the Nation

I am very concerned by an apparent shift in tactics we are seeing from the NDP leader, Jack Layton. 

It seems that Layton has shifted gears and instead of doing his utmost to demonstrate to Canadians that the Government of Harper is an affront to our democracy and to our democratic rights, he is now taking pot-shots at the Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. 

It must be acknowledged that the Liberal Party has not had an absolutely spotless record while in power. But it is hoped that some of the negative things that occurred in the Liberal's history remain there... in history.

But the focus of this election should remain squarely on the reason that caused it... The Government of Harper was found in contempt of Parliament. And in so doing, Harper is in contempt of our entire democratic system and of the citizens of this country. There should be no other focus other than the complete and utter demise of the Harper regime and putting his tyrannical reign to an end.

Layton has said he is running for Prime Minister. That much is understood as the basis for his leading a federal party into a critical federal election. But the reality is, the chances of the NDP forming the next government are slim to none. Not that the Liberals are looking any better at the moment. But "stealing votes" at the expense of the other left-leaning parties just plays into the hands of the Harper-Cons. This internecine bickering between forces that should be allies will render this election as meaningless as Parliament has been for the last five years in holding the Government of Harper accountable.

I am glad that to this point, Ignatieff has not seen fit to retaliate against his NDP colleagues, though his outright refusal to consider a coalition with them must seem a slap in the face to the NDP. 

But this is such a critical election at such a critical time in our history. Our democracy, our way of life, our multicultural society,  our Charter Rights, our system of Health Care are in dire peril, being threatened by the ever present shadow of ideological extremism. This is no time for egos, the feathering of nests or petty squabbling. Canada NEEDS Mr. Layton and Mr. Ignatieff to cooperate with each other. Canada NEEDS these men to put their personal ambitions aside for the good of the country or Canada as we know it may well cease to exist.

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